Continued Success Overview


Congratulations! You’ve officially launched Givelify in your church or place of worship. Now that you’ve introduced Givelify to your congregation, learn how to continue that momentum and maximize giving revenue.

To ensure you're getting the most out of Givelify, here are a few tips to help your members and supporters continue using Givelify to make their gifts.

Add online giving links to emails and social media

Connect with your members and online viewers and encourage them to give using your Givelify online giving link on social media.

This enables your social media followers to go to your Givelify donation page where they can quickly and easily give to your place of worship.

Encourage social sharing

Social media is a valuable tool to help spread the word about your organization and increase giving. That’s why the Givelify mobile giving app incorporates social sharing directly into the giving experience. To have even more success with Givelify, it’s time to get social!

Launch a Givelithon

Get members excited about giving with a Givelithon.® Display giving as it happens in real time to track gifts during service or a special event. Set a goal for the event and project it onto a screen to watch your progress.

Spread the word in person and online

Even after Launch Day, continue to spread the word about Givelify. You can include Givelify in a variety of ways:

  • In your email newsletter
  • During service or events
  • On your website
  • On social media

Remind your congregants about Givelify during each service. The more your members hear about Givelify from a trusted source like you, the more likely they are to download the app and make a gift.