Whether you’re just signing up for mobile giving with Givelify, training your staff, or need a quick refresher, the Givelify Launchpad is here to help you along the way.

From signing up through launch day and beyond, here you will find an easy step-by-step walkthrough of every setting and feature along with helpful demonstration videos.

Get Started

How to enroll your place of worship, verify your banking, and add officials to your Givelify account.

Make Givelify Yours

How to customize your giving app profile, add custom giving envelopes, and add multiple campuses for multi-site churches.

Prepare for Launch

How to get ready for Launch Sunday by making a test donation, promoting Givelify to your members during service, via email and social media.

Launch Day

How to run a successful launch day by demonstrating how to make a donation and running your first Givelithon.

Continued Success

How to keep your members engaged and giving regularly by showing videos at offering time and rewarding social sharing.

Manage Your Account

How to manage donations, account settings and get detailed donation and donor reports.

Still Evaluating Givelify?

If you’re exploring mobile and online giving solutions, visit our main website for more information.