Have a fundraising event on the horizon? Want to draw attention to an ongoing effort or cause? Incorporate your organization’s Givelify mobile giving app into your fundraising strategy.

While your charity may focus on just one cause, you may still conduct different fundraising campaigns. Create virtual envelopes for any and all of them.

Your donors will be able to see these custom types of campaigns in your donation app and make specific contributions towards them.

You can even set specific fundraising goals for each campaign so your supporters can see your progress.

Create Custom Fundraising Campaigns

These campaigns can last any time frame you choose. You can even set up a campaign for a specific fundraising event. Then you can help draw attention to said event by highlighting the campaign in your app’s cover photo, and ask donors to select the campaign while using the app to give.

To create a custom campaign, log in to your organization’s Givelify account on a computer and follow these steps:

  1. Click on Settings at the top right of your screen
  2. Click Campaigns
  3. Click the New Campaign button at the top right of your screen
  4. Fill out the form with the name of your campaign and a description
    • If you want your campaign to only run for a certain period of time, enter your desired date range
    • If you want to set a fundraising goal, click to turn the button to the on position and type the amount in the box provided
  5. Select Create

Create Custom Fundraising Campaigns