Now click the Settings tab at the top right of your screen. In this section of the dashboard, you will find everything you need to customize your Givelify giving app and manage your account.

By default, you will be on the App Profile tab. This is how you add images to your app profile. When you hover your mouse over the image of the phone, three links will appear. By clicking on each of these respective links, you can add a cover photo, your organization’s logo, and an image of your main place of worship leader to your profile.


The Offerings section of the dashboard enables you to set up custom envelopes so that your donors can direct funds to specific campaigns.

By clicking the blue button at the top right, you can set up as many new offering types as you like. For example, you might set up special campaigns for:

  • Building Funds
  • Missions Trips
  • Christmas Charity Drives

Officers and Banking

Would you like to give more people access to your giving app account? You can do so under the Officers tab. Learn more about adding and removing officers — and setting limits to what certain officers can access.

Under Banking, you can add, remove, or update the banking information you have on file with Givelify.

About and Campuses

To make changes to the information displayed on your giving app profile, such as the address, phone number, or website of your organization, click on the About tab. You can make changes to the physical address where you are located, the mailing address where Givelify should send correspondence, and also add a contact email address for your place of worship.

Does your organization operate in multiple locations? Do you want all of their donations to be disbursed into the same bank account? To do this, click on the Campuses tab and set additional locations as campuses. Learn more about adding campuses.

Deep Linking

At the top right of your screen, you will see a tab for Deep Linking.

Does your organization already have an app? Deep Linking enables you to integrate Givelify with your existing app by adding a “Give Now” button. When users tap that button, the Givelify app will open automatically to your organization’s app page.

Boost Donations

Want to get the best results from your organization’s Givelify giving app account? We have dedicated a special portion of the dashboard to help.

Click the blue Boost Donations button at the top right of your screen. From here, you can: