At the top right of the dashboard screen, you will find three clickable links: Donations, Givelithon, and Settings. You are already on the Donations section by default.

At this point, you will see your organization’s Home screen. The total giving app donations received by your place of worship will be displayed here, along with the total number of donors, the average donation amount, and a chart containing your offering types. By clicking the drop-down box at the top that says Lifetime, you can select different time periods to view.



By clicking on the Received tab at the top left of your screen, you can get a more detailed view of the donations your organization has received. Using the tabs that appear under the total received, you can sort by offering type or by date.

To see even more details, including donor names and the specific amounts given by each donor, click on the numbers that are highlighted in blue. From here, you can also switch between the different offering types to get detailed views of each.

Balance and Donors

To view all giving app donations that have been made to your organization but have not yet been deposited into your bank account, click on the Balance tab at the top of your screen.

By clicking on the numbers that are highlighted in blue, you can open a box with details about each donation, including the donor’s name, the date and time of the donation, the offering type, and the fees that were deducted (2.9% + $0.30).

If you click on the donor’s name, you can view all donations this person has made to your organization using the Givelify giving app.

You can also access information about your individual donors by clicking on the Donors tab. Here, you can search by the donor’s name to look up information about their donation history. You can also sort donations by the largest, smallest, oldest, or most recent.

Disbursements and Refunds

Under the Disbursements tab, you can find information on the donations that have been disbursed to your organization. To view further details about who made the donations included in each disbursement, click on the amounts highlighted in blue.

In some rare cases, donations may need to be refunded. To view all records of refunds, click on the Refunds tab. Every refund amount will be listed here, along with the name of the donor who received it.

Data Export

To download a report of the donations made to your place of worship using the Givelify giving app, click Data Export at the top right of your screen.

On the following screen, choose one of two options: export a list of all donations listed chronologically, or a list of all donors and their donations listed alphabetically. Once you have made that selection, you can enter a range of dates.

Hover over Export with your mouse to open a drop-down window, and then select which type of file you would like to see: an Excel spreadsheet or a CSV file. When you click your selection, a report will be generated that you can open or save to your computer.



Now you have viewed everything under the Donations portion of the dashboard. Return to the top right of the dashboard screen and click on Givelithon.

Here, you can access the very helpful Givelithon feature. This enables you to show a live, running total of donations during fundraising events or worship services. Learn more about how to get the most out of this feature.