Once your account is verified and your profile is all set up, there are still a few things left to do before you launch Givelify for your donors. To ensure a successful rollout, you want to make sure giving works as you want it to. You should also promote mobile giving to your members before your first fundraising event.

To reach the most people, announce your new giving app on every channel you have available:

  • Post about your nonprofit giving app on your social media accounts.
  • Add a slide to your event presentation.
  • Share the educational video prior to your event.
  • Promote your new mobile giving capability via your event registration.

You should also make a test donation, not just to ensure everything is working correctly, but also so you are comfortable with the process and can educate your supporters.

Finally, you should add the address of your fundraising event to your profile so donors can easily pull up your profile via GPS instead of having to search.