If you use a projector or video screen to show presentation slides during fundraising events, you can include a slide to visually remind your donors about giving with Givelify. Included here are a few versions of slides for you to download and use. Some are made to be customized with your organization’s app screenshot and name.

Talking Points

While introducing your supporters to Givelify, emphasize these features:

  • Download free from the App Store or Google Play
  • Give anywhere, anytime
  • Easy and convenient
  • Track donations throughout the year
  • Safe and secure

Givelify is pronounced “give-luh-fye”.


Use this slide if you wish to put your own organization’s app profile image in the PowerPoint slide.

Use this slide if you wish to add your organization’s name but don’t want a picture of a phone.


Use this slide if you don’t care to or aren’t comfortable with customizing a PowerPoint slide.

Two Ways to Give

Remind your donors they can give via the Givelify app or online by showing this slide.