Launch Day

Roll out mobile giving for your members by showing the video, demonstrating how to make a donation, and launching a Givelithon for real-time results.

Show How To Make Your First Donation

Your members will likely need help understanding how to get the app and make their first donation. Once they are comfortable with the donation process they are sure to appreciate the ease and convenience of mobile giving. Share these instructions with them to walk them through their first Givelify experience. You can also download a […]

Launch a Givelithon During Service

  Have you ever watched a telethon or another type of live fundraising campaign? It is common for a running total of donations to appear on the screen to give the viewers at home an idea of how much more is needed to reach the goal. Wouldn’t you like to enhance your services in the […]

Add a Slide To Your Presentation

If you use a projector or video screen to show presentation slides during service, you can include a slide to visually remind your members about giving with Givelify. Included here are a few versions of slides for you to download and use. Some are made to be customized with your place of worship’s app screenshot and […]

Show the “How To Download” Video

Show this video during service, and share it on your social media pages. It will show first-time givers how to download the Givelify mobile giving app and set up their accounts.

Launch Day

If you are just joining Givelify, you may be wondering what steps you should take next to get the most out of your new church giving app powered by Givelify. We’ve compiled a few best practices from member places of worship who are getting the most from their Givelify experience. We’re confident if you follow these […]

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