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How to enroll your place of worship, verify your banking, and add officials to your Givelify account.

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Givelify member places of worship report a 20-30% increase in church giving after implementing our mobile giving app. Learn how to get the most out of your Givelify presence by customizing your app profile, setting up special offering envelopes, and monitoring donations using the Givelify dashboard. Get ready to introduce your members to a beautiful […]

Add Officers To Your Account

If your church or place of worship has signed up for a Givelify giving app account, you have access to a very powerful tool: the dashboard. Using the dashboard, you can view all of your donations, find out who is giving to your organization, and update your app profile. While the person who originally signed your […]

Verify Your Bank Account

After Givelify verifies your account, you will receive an email instructing you to add your bank account information. We require all churches and places of worship to provide a copy of a voided check. This is another security measure that ensures all donations are deposited into the correct bank account, and that the account belongs to your organization. […]

Verify Your Account

Givelify takes the safety and security of our users’ financial information very seriously. For that reason, an extensive account verification process is used to make sure that every member organization is 100% legitimate. If you are in the process of signing up your church or place of worship for a Givelify donation app account, you […]

Sign Up Your Place of Worship

You have heard great things about how the Givelify donation app can benefit your organization, and you are ready to sign up. We are happy to have you on board! To sign up your place of worship, follow these steps: On your computer, visit and click the Sign Up Free button under the Place of […]

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