Make Givelify Yours

How to customize your app profile, add custom giving envelopes, and add multiple campuses.

Customize Your Giving Envelopes

Have a special offering coming up on Sunday? Want to draw attention to an ongoing effort or cause? Incorporate your organization’s Givelify mobile giving app into your fundraising strategy. Using custom campaigns, you can create specific envelopes to appear on your place of worship’s donation app page. This allows donors to direct their gifts toward your special cause of choice. […]

Customize Your Giving App Profile

Givelify provides your members with a beautiful, personal and convenient giving experience. You can enhance this experience and make a deeper connection with your members by branding your Givelify church app with personalized photos. This makes it easy for parishioners to locate and give to your place of worship. Customize Your Mobile Giving App On your computer, […]

Add Multiple Campuses

Some places of worship operate in completely different cities while still belonging to the same body of believers. With Givelify, there is no need to maintain donation app accounts for each separate location. Instead, one can be listed as the main headquarters while the others are added as campuses. Adding additional campuses can be beneficial in […]

Make Givelify Yours

If you are just joining Givelify, you may be wondering what steps you should take next to get the most out of your new giving app powered by Givelify. We’ve compiled a few best practices from member organizations who are getting the most from their Givelify experience. We’re confident that if you follow these guidelines, your […]

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