For Places of Worship

Customize Your Giving Envelopes

Have a special offering coming up on Sunday? Want to draw attention to an ongoing effort or cause? Incorporate your organization’s Givelify mobile giving app into your fundraising strategy. Using custom campaigns, you can create specific envelopes to appear on your place of worship’s donation app page. This allows donors to direct their gifts toward your special cause of choice. […]

Print Material For Your Members

Instructional Flyers Download and print these PDF files to help your members learn how to make their first Givelify donation.   Donation Slips Do some members still enjoy carrying on the tradition of putting something in the offering plate or basket?   Posters You can download, print, and hang up these posters.

Encourage and Reward Social Sharing

Social media is a valuable marketing tool, and it can also be useful for spreading the word about your fundraising efforts. That’s why the Givelify donation app incorporates social sharing directly into the giving process. To have even more success with your place of worship’s mobile giving app, it’s time to get social! Your Donors Already Use […]

Show a Video at Offering Time

Show this video demonstrating how the Givelify app works to your members. Our most successful places of worship show it during offering time. You can also embed it on your place of worship’s website, share the link via Facebook and Twitter, and include it in your email newsletter. Share the video by on your website and […]

Continued Success

The Givelify mobile giving app is a wonderful tool to boost giving to your organization. But in order to get the most out of your Givelify presence, your supporters must make use of the technology. How can you ensure that people use Givelify to make donations to your place of worship? We have some tips that […]

Launch a Givelithon During Service

  Have you ever watched a telethon or another type of live fundraising campaign? It is common for a running total of donations to appear on the screen to give the viewers at home an idea of how much more is needed to reach the goal. Wouldn’t you like to enhance your services in the […]

Add a Slide To Your Presentation

If you use a projector or video screen to show presentation slides during service, you can include a slide to visually remind your members about giving with Givelify. Included here are a few versions of slides for you to download and use. Some are made to be customized with your place of worship’s app screenshot and […]

Show the “How To Download” Video

Show this video during service, and share it on your social media pages. It will show first-time givers how to download the Givelify mobile giving app and set up their accounts.

Promote Via Email and Social Media

Go ahead and let your members know they can now support your place of worship during services, from home, at work, or while vacationing. Announce your Givelify app on your website, Facebook page, Twitter, email newsletter and other social media accounts. Remind your members during each worship service. Our recommendation for increasing mobile donations is to engage via social media, […]

Customize Your Giving App Profile

Givelify provides your members with a beautiful, personal and convenient giving experience. You can enhance this experience and make a deeper connection with your members by branding your Givelify church app with personalized photos. This makes it easy for parishioners to locate and give to your place of worship. Customize Your Mobile Giving App On your computer, […]

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