For Places of Worship

View and Respond To Memo Lines

Next to the Donors tab in your dashboard, you will now see a Memos tab. Click that link to view memos. Any donations that include a memo line will be listed including the member name, the date the donation was received, and a Read/Unread indicator. When you opt to reply to a memo, the donor will […]

Show How To Add a Memo Line To Donations

Whether they use an iPhone, Android device, or are giving online, your members have the ability to add a memo when making a donation. They can select from pre-set messaging or create a personalized memo of their own. For example, they could select In memory of and enter the person’s name you wish to honor. Be sure to announce this feature […]

Add Online Giving To Your Website

The main way you can use the Internet to connect donors to your donation app profile is to add a button to your website. This enables anyone who visits your site to simply click on a button and launch an online giving portal, bringing the ease and beauty of Givelify to your website. On your […]

Add Online Giving Links to Emails and Social Media

Another fantastic way to connect potential givers with your donation app is to share a direct link on social media. This enables donors who follow you on Facebook or Twitter to simply click a link and be taken directly to your profile, where they can quickly complete their donation. To share direct links to your donation app […]

Add Logos To Your Newsletter and Website

You can download any of these high-resolution logos to use in your print and email newsletter, on your website, signage, or anywhere else you see fit. Keeping the Givelify logo prominent will remind your members that they can give anytime, anywhere. 300dpi jpg     300dpi png (transparent background)    

Get Started

Givelify member places of worship report a 20-30% increase in church giving after implementing our mobile giving app. Learn how to get the most out of your Givelify presence by customizing your app profile, setting up special offering envelopes, and monitoring donations using the Givelify dashboard. Get ready to introduce your members to a beautiful […]

Share the Educational Video

People learn in different ways. Some understand information better when they read about it, while others retain more knowledge after hearing a verbal explanation. According to Pearson Prentice Hall, 65 percent of people are visual learners. While many of your members will understand mobile giving from the second you print it in your bulletin, others will benefit the most […]

Show How To Make Your First Donation

Your members will likely need help understanding how to get the app and make their first donation. Once they are comfortable with the donation process they are sure to appreciate the ease and convenience of mobile giving. Share these instructions with them to walk them through their first Givelify experience. You can also download a […]

Make a Test Donation To Your Place of Worship

To ensure that your organization’s Givelify account is fully set up and ready for launch, you can make a $1 or $2 test donation and then use the dashboard to verify that your organization receives the funds. First, download the free Givelify mobile donation app from the App Store or Google Play. Then open the app and […]

Prepare for Launch

Once your account is verified and your profile is all set up, there are still a few things left to do before you launch Givelify for your members. To ensure a successful rollout, you want to make sure giving works as you want it to. You should also promote mobile giving to your members before […]

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