At Your Fundraiser

Get the most out of Givelify by engaging donors at your fundraiser with slides and videos, and promote before the event via email and social media.

Show How To Make Your First Donation

Your donors will likely need help understanding how to get the app and make their first donation. Once they are comfortable with the donation process they are sure to appreciate the ease and convenience of mobile giving. Share these instructions with them to walk them through their first Givelify experience. You can also download a printable version […]

Launch a Givelithon At Your Fundraiser

One surefire way to kick start mobile giving at your fundraising event is to show a live feed of all incoming donations. Givelify’s member nonprofits are already at an advantage here. Using our Givelithon feature, you can easily project a running donation tally onto a big screen. You can also include the fundraising goal you are […]

Add A Slide To Your Presentation

If you use a projector or video screen to show presentation slides during fundraising events, you can include a slide to visually remind your donors about giving with Givelify. Included here are a few versions of slides for you to download and use. Some are made to be customized with your organization’s app screenshot and name. […]

At Your Fundraiser

Whatever your cause, mobile giving technology can help your nonprofit take live fundraising events to the next level. Pledge cards are passé; immediate spur-of-the-moment mobile giving is the future. How can you best make use of this technology at your own fundraising event? What can you do to make sure attendees pull out their phones and […]

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