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Read all articles for charities, including how to add online giving to social media and emails, promoting Givelify to your members, and customizing your giving profile.

Continued Success

The Givelify mobile giving app is a wonderful tool to boost giving to your organization. But in order to get the most out of your Givelify presence, your supporters must make use of the technology. How can you ensure that people use Givelify to make donations to your nonprofit? We have some tips that will steer you […]

Launch a Givelithon At Your Fundraiser

One surefire way to kick start mobile giving at your fundraising event is to show a live feed of all incoming donations. Givelify’s member nonprofits are already at an advantage here. Using our Givelithon feature, you can easily project a running donation tally onto a big screen. You can also include the fundraising goal you are […]

Add Your Event Location

The Givelify giving app makes it easier than ever for donors to locate and donate to your charity. If they are currently at your  fundraising event, they don’t even need to search! Donors can relax while the app automatically locates your organization for them. Editing Your Organization’s Giving App Location Want to get the most out […]

Promote Via Social Media

Charitable donations just got a whole lot easier. Your donors can now support your mission via their smartphones with the free Givelify giving app. As a new Givelify member, you may have questions about how to get the word out to your donors. Social media is a great place to start. Nonprofit Donations Best Practices Your […]

Add A Slide To Your Presentation

If you use a projector or video screen to show presentation slides during fundraising events, you can include a slide to visually remind your donors about giving with Givelify. Included here are a few versions of slides for you to download and use. Some are made to be customized with your organization’s app screenshot and name. […]

At Your Fundraiser

Whatever your cause, mobile giving technology can help your nonprofit take live fundraising events to the next level. Pledge cards are passé; immediate spur-of-the-moment mobile giving is the future. How can you best make use of this technology at your own fundraising event? What can you do to make sure attendees pull out their phones and […]

For Charities

Whether you’re just signing up for mobile giving with Givelify, training your staff, or need a quick refresher, the Givelify Launchpad is here to help you along the way. From signing up through your launch campaign and beyond, here you will find an easy step-by-step walkthough of every setting and feature along with helpful demonstration […]

Customize Your Giving

Have a fundraising event on the horizon? Want to draw attention to an ongoing effort or cause? Incorporate your organization’s Givelify mobile giving app into your fundraising strategy. While your charity may focus on just one cause, you may still conduct different fundraising campaigns. Create virtual envelopes for any and all of them. Your donors will be able […]

Customize Your Givelify App Profile

Givelify provides your donors with a beautiful, personal and convenient giving experience. You can enhance this experience and make a deeper connection with your supporters by branding your Givelify app with your logo and cover photo. This makes it easy for donors to locate and give to your organization. Customize Your Mobile Giving App On your computer, […]

Make Givelify Yours

If you are just joining Givelify, you may be wondering what steps you should take next to get the most out of your new charitable giving app powered by Givelify. We’ve compiled a few best practices from member organizations who are getting the most from their Givelify experience. We’re confident that if you follow these guidelines, your […]

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