Manage Your Account

How to manage donations, account settings, and get detailed donation and donor reports.

View and Respond To Memo Lines

Next to the Donors tab in your dashboard, you will now see a Memos tab. Click that link to view memos. Any donations that include a memo line will be listed including the member name, the date the donation was received, and a Read/Unread indicator. When you opt to reply to a memo, the donor will […]

Get Detailed Reports

The Givelify giving app dashboard offers many valuable tools for your organization. One key way your place of worship can make use of the dashboard is to view detailed information about your donors and their contributions. Important note: This reporting is found online, not in the Givelify giving app itself. The dashboard can be accessed using a mobile […]

Manage Settings

Now click the Settings tab at the top right of your screen. In this section of the dashboard, you will find everything you need to customize your Givelify giving app and manage your account. By default, you will be on the App Profile tab. This is how you add images to your app profile. When you […]

Manage Donations

At the top right of the dashboard screen, you will find three clickable links: Donations, Givelithon, and Settings. You are already on the Donations section by default. At this point, you will see your organization’s Home screen. The total giving app donations received by your place of worship will be displayed here, along with the total number […]

Manage Your Givelify Account

The Givelify Donation Management Dashboard provides your organization with all the powerful tools you need to make fundraising a success. Givelify provides a detailed giving app account dashboard for the benefit of our member organizations. If you want to find any information about your account, or make any changes, this is the place to look. […]

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